About Us

The crypto industry is changing rapidly. Today there are over 2000 cryptos. At least half of these cryptos are highly promising.

Moreover, most of these are an improvement of Bitcoin and Ethereum. In fact, at least 70% are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, the highest crypto volatility today is witnessed among altcoins.

This means that most of the profits are made by trading these altcoins. Crypto Engine is a powerful platform that helps you capture and trade trending altcoins. We apply powerful AI algorithms to analyze big data for trends and recommend the best trades to you.

The mission of Crypto Engine is to make profitable online trading accessible to ordinary traders. You don’t pay a dime to use our engine. Moreover, only 250 USD is needed to get started.

The team

We have many years of experience developing tools to make trading fun. Crypto Engine is among our highly rated tools. We are registered as a PLC in London. Our global reach is through partnerships with leading brokers. 

We are working with top-rated brokers. These brokers are allowed to operate in tier-one jurisdictions such as the UK and Australia. We are able to reach over 120 countries through these brokers. Our aim is to partner with more brokers to reach all the countries that support retail CFD trading.